Since the original screening of anti-bacterial molecules from plants in 2011 and the application of nano-medicine technologies in 2012 that led to the product candidate EP1012, Eydo Pharma has achieved several key milestones for EP1012, including establishing proof of concept in vitro and in animal models.

Year 2015 will be marked by the start of the regulatory preclinical phase with clinical trials planned for 2016.

Several compounds and formulations

In addition to the lead compound, Eydo Pharma has developed a pipeline of several compounds and formulations, including:

  • two molecules, EP1010 and EP1011, isolated in parallel to EP1012,
  • the EP1014 series, novel "smart" compounds based on the scaffold of EP1012 created using drug design,
  • the EP1015 series, consisting of compounds identified through high throughput functional screening against specific bacterial target,
  • EP1020, a combination of two molecules,
  • EP1030, a combination of three molecules.


Beside these compounds, three proprietary formulations optimised for different modes of administration have been developed (see the Eydo's Technology page).

These products are at various developmental stages as shown on the following table. 

pipeline web