Eydo Pharma has developed several drug delivery technologies for the delivery in vivo of therapeutic compounds by different routes of administration.

  • AquaphileTM system: this proprietary system of Eydo Pharma optimizes the intravenous administration of lipophilic compounds. It is based on a water-based nanoemulsion containing the active compound. A specific formulation for EP1012 using this AquaphileTM system has been developed and in vivo proof of concept has been established by demonstrating the antibacterial activity of EP1012 following intravenous administration in laboratory animals.

  • Lipidic Nano Capsules: this system is based on a granted patent originally developed in the laboratories of INSERM. Eydo Pharma uses it to administer antibacterial compounds orally.

  • Nano BeadsTM: this system has been developed to deliver active compounds into the lower digestive tract.