AMR development challenge not just health security risk: India

Date: may 22, 2015


>(..) « India today said that the issue of anti-microbial resistance (AMR) should be seen holistically as a "development challenge" instead of interpreting it narrowly as a health security risk.

"We believe that AMR should be seen from a broader perspective as a development challenge rather than limiting it to a health security risk," India said during a debate on the draft global action plan on AMR at the 68th World Health Assembly (WHA).

Emphasis should be on raising awareness, infection prevention, promoting rational use of antibiotics and addressing the needs of developing countries in strengthening access to health care facilities, promoting availability and affordability of existing and new antibiotics, diagnostics and vaccines," India said.

Developing countries and health activists have been concerned about resources for implementing AMR plans particularly, affordable, point of care diagnostics to inform health practitioners and veterinarians of the susceptibility of pathogens to available antibiotics. » (...)

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