• Started pharmaceutical activities

    . The founder and President Elisabeth Rossines initiated a systematic screening process of antibacterial molecules of natural origin.

    . Olivier Chiarisoli & Daniel Henry invested and entered the organisation as President of the Supervisory Board and Managing Director respectively.

  • The year of first results

    . Evaluation of several nano-technologies for optimal drug delivery, first encouraging results delivered.

    . Set up of the Scientific Board, led by Pr Jacques Samarut.

  • Fund raising - first round completed

    . Venture capital fund SOFIMAC entered the company.

    . Positive efficacy tests in vivo (in mice) with initial product candidates.

  • Refining the product pipeline

    . Selection of nano-emulsion DDS & patent filing.

    . Confirmed antibacterial efficacy in mouse model of infection.

  • Fund raising, second round completed

    . Completion of 2nd round of fund raising.

    . Pr Jacques Samarut takes over the presidency of the company.

    . Tom Shepherd becomes CEO and Head of business development.

    . Entry in pre-clinical phase - regulatory development.

  • Pre-clinical phase results & entry into clinical phase

    . New fund raising round.

    . Start clinical phase I. trials.

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